Daniel Fleming “Boone”

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Finally got this lil druggy, hes been running around selling drugs mainly “meth” pulling guns on people.

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Oh yes I know this nasty lil shit he gave my niece HIV and the lil scum wad had hep to. Yuck 🤢
Yes HIV is still an issue in the world, it’s very sad he just goes around getting girls on drugs and ruins their life.

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Yes he is a well documented inmate he’s been in an out of jail his whole life. And yes this Boone has ruined many ppls lives so sorry about your niece. The county reported to an incident in pound on Monday or Tuesday where he pulled a gun on another man for selling drugs to this guys girlfriend and he pulled the gun shot at the guy, and the young man he pulled the gun on took it and beat the piss out of him I reckon.

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Hahaha good for him I hope the other guy didn’t get in any trouble.

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I Ask Boone one time, why do you have a long sleeve on an it’s 90 out day? Ohh yeah needle junkie

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Yeah the piece of shit has two kids and has nothing to do with either. Sad

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Look I’ve none Boone long time he pulled a gun on leezas ex out wise along time ago and got his ass whooped. But I mean yeah he got the Virus, but he may have family on here that don’t need to see that. All that asides yeah he’s a piece of shit. Who was the other guy that took his gun and kicked his ass?

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How has he gotten by with it for long? My soon went to school with that boy he was trouble in school.

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Well at least that’s one less junkie on the streets.

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OMG Boone is sooo nasty 😷 🤢, I met him and he was with some guy Will And they was sharing a needle in the back seat Will has Hep To. Nasty 🤢

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Big Bear Man

If that POS have HIV then EVERYONE needs to know about it! He’s obviously not telling anyone and unsuspecting women sleep with him then guess what their lives are ruined forever and he basically killed them with his disgusting prick. Fuck this guys privacy! HIV around here is a huge deal cuz u don’t see that around here Ik there are a few cases here and there but they caught it from far off and brought it back with them. This POS deserves someone to fuck him up baddd I mean BAD!

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Home run

Well looks like I made it do you want to make you famous

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Black Bubba

Bunch of fucking hillbilly fags.. . I nbreds.. .

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